Dragon Age II Loads Up With Some New DLC

BioWare today released three pieces of Dragon Age II DLC, one for each of the game's classes. They come in the form of weapons, armour and follower items. Sadly, none of them are a new coat of paint for the game's dungeons dungeon.

The complete pack is $US5 on PS3 or $US3 for each class individually (or will be when the PSN comes back), and 400/240 points on the PC and Xbox 360.

Dragon Age II - Item Pack 1 [BioWare]


    So useless DLC for everyone who has completed the game and for all future buyers too... it doesnt actually add anything to the game so why would you get it?

    Dragon age version of horse armour?

    Great. Extra content for a game that was creates for nothing but the soul reason of gathering revenue.
    Dragon age 2's story stinks, a massive disappointment compared to Dragon age origins.
    And how are you meant to play this, if you have already finished the game you can't do anything, outside of running around your house.

    Does it allow our companions to wear different armour?

    I was going to make a joke about it being 3 new areas that you get to visit 42 times, but this is just as depressing.

    Please noone buy this to send the message to Bioware that they have f*cked up!

    Pisspoor game with pisspoor DLC!

    They did the same thing for Mass Effect 2. All it did for that game was make getting Insane achievements slightly easier, but considering there aren't any for DA2...

    I hope the australian psn prices are reset more in line with US prices. Australian dlc prices were highway robbery. I won't missing that ripoff psn store.

      I hope you'd use prepaid PSN cards rather than CC... :P

    Its just hard to believe how they could screw up such an awesome IP, I mean the first game was amazing, and this was just like....did I actually achieve something important here?

    Oh, so that's what they were working on during the first month of release instead of patching its broken arse. :|

    Have to agree, running through a second playthrough on DA2 just feels tedious. I loved exploring DA:O with other characters the second time around. Lazy level design is really narking me off at the moment, especially when you go from one cave to another, and they're identical except for some random closed off doors...

    I really liked the game.. It was well paced and it had a great story that was developing behind the scenes.. For those previous comments saying you didn't really accomplish anything, then you really don't know the lore of Thedas.

    The Champion of Kirkwall is like the new prophet of the Maker, like Andraste you are trying to free the Mages from tyranny.

    I thought the first run-through was fine. Visceral. Satifying even.

    But after that, I found out just how depressingly repetitive it is in every single way. Storyline aside, gameplay was just so fragging tedious.

    And now this DLC? Really?

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