EA's Next Need For Speed Leaks Early, On The Run In November

Looks like we're getting a peek at the next Need For Speed a little earlier than publisher EA planned. Details on Need For Speed: The Run appeared on UK retailer ShopTo.net earlier today, a title heretofore unannounced by Electronic Arts. So... what's The Run?

Based on the first trailer for the game, it appears to be a story-focused, cross-country driving affair with players fleeing from the law - often the best part of Need For Speed video games. It appears that players will travel from San Francisco to New York, driving through Las Vegas and Denver along the way. This may be the next NFS title from EA's Black Box studio, as Criterion Games delivered last year's Need For Speed: Most Wanted and Slightly Mad Studios just released Shift 2: Unleashed.

Need For Speed: The Run is dated for November 18, 2011, in the above video. Box art from ShopTo's website indicates the game is coming to, at the very least, Xbox 360 with other platforms likely.

Need For Speed: The Run [ShopTo.net via VG247]


    Didnt Criterion make Need For Speed Hot Pursuit last year?

    They are milking the name! Won't be long before it ends up like guitar hero and is then no more!

    Yes, Criterion released hot pursuit, not most wanted.

    Seriously though, despite being better than other NFS titles, it wasn't as good as burnout paradise.

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