Evil Dead? There’s An App For That

Evil Dead? There’s An App For That

The 30-year-old Evil Dead series is coming to the iPhone and iPad as an “action-heavy 3D shooter” in the coming weeks, a chance to play with the boomstick-wielding, chainsaw-handed Ash on your iOS device and hopefully enjoy a not-terrible Evil Dead game.

The Evil Dead app is being made with the blessing of director Sam Raimi, writes The Hollywood Reporter, and will sell for $3.99 for the iPhone and $5.99 for the iPad. Expect lots of evil dead shooting over the course of 30 chapters and, presumably, many dropped catch phrases.

The game is being developed by Trigger Apps, makers of many a movie-based iPhone and Android game. They’ve churned out mobile ware for flicks like The Karate Kid, Green Hornet, G.I. Joe and… uh, Couples Retreat.

Let’s hope they do right by Evil Dead.

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