Exchange 3DS Friend Codes Over Facebook

Looking to swap 3DS Friend Codes with the world at large? The folks at Modojo have you covered, with a nifty Facebook App that allows you to do just that.[3DS Friend Finder]


    my code is 2707 1598 1938

      Use the app bruh

      my fc is 4596 9596 8806

        my fc is 2879 0140 2943

    3652 - 0553 - 2126

    draco got ya code make sure u add mines

    my fc is

    mine is 5198 2490 2508

    I added all of you, plz add me @
    4382 2219 4980
    Except for shao because his fc was fake...

      mine is 1203 9475 0226

    Added everyone but shao kahn, please add me
    my code is 4253-3772-6914
    Thanx everyone

    ive seen evry episode of pokemon and have over 700 cards
    ps. i added you scorpian

    I know this post is about an app that does this for me, but I'll share anyway:
    My friend code is 0817-3772-1119
    I'd really really appreciate it if you guys could add me, thanks! I've added all of you.

    If you like playing Swapnote or you want to learn Chinese or Japanese, make friends with me please! My fc is 2406-5936-0125.

      Yo added you Kamo
      here's mine 5241 -3076-7282

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