Expect More 3DS Re-Makes

Get ready for more Wii-Makes 3DS remakes as downloadable games for the eShop. Mario creator Shigeru Miyamoto says one can expect more games remade on the 3DS, like perhaps maybe, SNES game The Legends of Zelda: A Link to the Past? He doesn't confirm it, but does sound keen. [via Edge]


    *sigh* Where's the innovation Nintendo used to have... bring out great tech and flood it with shovelware...

    Why would anyone want a remake of ALTTP? If remakes are what Nintendo fans want, its no wonder why they don't bother to try anything innovative. They havn't done anything new on the Zelda franchise since Ocarina of Time.

    Imagine if Hideo Kojima did with the Metal Gear Solid franchise what Miyamoto has done with the Zelda franchise. He'd be criticised. Hideo Kojima and his team have developed the story, gameplay and graphics of the MGS series. Miyamoto and team have done very little in comparison. (I admit Wind Waker was a step forward - but they screwed that up with Twilight Princess). I'm sick of people acting like Miyamoto and Nintendo are Gods.
    The sooner Nintendo get rid of Miyamoto, the better.

      You say that Nintendo haven't done anything new in the Zelda franchise since Ocarina of Time. And yet, of the three Zelda console titles since OoT, only one has been overly derivative.

      Majora's Mask is incredibly different to OoT, in spite of the number of shared assets. And by your own admission, Wind Waker is a step forward. The only title left is Twilight Princess, and even if we pretend that Twilight Princess doesn't have unique elements and amazing graphics, one lacklustre game in three isn't really damning evidence against Nintendo.

    I really need to stop jumping to conclusions just from reading the title. I was thinking "Oh come on! They're announcing a 3DS Lite already!?" lol

    Wow what a bunch of sooks!

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