Final Fantasy V Coming To The PlayStation Network

Square Enix announced today that Final Fantasy V, the Super Famicom game that didn't make it to the states until 1999's Final Fantasy Anthology for the PlayStation, is in development for the PlayStation Network, enhanced by exclusive CGI cutscenes.


    Iam hoping that they dont use the same charecter model for Butz that they used for dissidia that was just terrible

      I know right? He actually looked like a 16 year old Indy kid:/ and was NOTHING like his actual game character.

    Now the question is, will it make it to the EU/AU PSN? Ross at the PS Blog did a good explanation as to why we get less than the US PSN, but it still sucks that we miss out on so many good games :(

    Squre-Enix... Please... Stop the final fantasy remakes. Just stop. The cow has long since been dead and you can't beat it anymore than you already have. Whoever is deciding to remake these games and ignore all your other series should be fired. Wouldn't surprise me if there are now more FF games and remakes than what there are Mario games. What about Secret of Mana series? How about releasing Secret of Mana 2 which never made it out of japan? Or a Legend of Mana release somewhere for Australia since we never even got that damn gem of a game.

    Is it coming to Aus!? We supply the world with Fosters, WHERE'S THE LOVE!?

    I love the remakes, sure I'd love to see some of the thirty FF games they never made, but having to not keep the old ps system and being able to play the games on my psp or ps3 is convenient. The stuff they add like cgi scenes doesn't hurt the story and if you're a slim owner (not backwards compatible for ps2 games) I'm praying for all of them to keep coming out on the psn. I'm playing alk of them again, over and over because I'm a Fan ;)

    How come we don't have legend of mana, parasite eve in PSN Au. Was it not released in Australia??

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