Finally, Somebody Started Building Starcraft Units Out Of Legos

Not only did someone take the time to painstakingly replicate the Siege Tank, they actually made it able to change into and out of siege mode. The only thing missing here is... a guide on how to build one.


    I WANT ONE! Too bad the turret doesn't seem to turn.

    Still like Immortal better hehe

    the amount of money that blizzard would make if they made starcraft action figures in the vein of the 1990's GIJOE and transformers toys would be staggering. No starcraft fan who grew up with those toys would not miss the opportunity to get ahold of them.

    Heh, there's been plenty of Lego StarCraft made in the past. A transforming Siege Tank was made for HD's beta key contest....back in the beta. (Over a year ago)
    As cool as this is, the misleading article title irks me xD

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