Free Portal 2 Content Brings New Test Chambers, Challenge Modes

Portal 2 will be getting new test chambers, leaderboards and challange mode for single and multiplayer challenge mode this (northern) summer, Valve confirmed today.

Portal DLC #1 will be free for the PC, Mac, Xbox 360 and PS3.

More details to come, we're told.


    Oh, my guess was correct. Too bad I don't have Portal 2 yet...

    Free for 360? That is a surprise. Might have to hold on to my copy then.

    Ohh free DLC is always nice :-).

      its not technically a free DLC, its content that should have been part of the game to start with, they just delay it to increase the life of the game. example. TF2, atleast until they overloaded it with crap

        Well, it is free.
        And it is content. That you can download.


        "...its content that should have been part of the game to start with"

        How can you possibly know this? What source do you have that confirms this?

        While this may be true for some games, it`s certainly not true for TF2.

        There has been several closed (and now an open) TF2 beta, which has introduced new items and had them tested and tweaked before releasing them.

        As the items often changed from their initial state, there is no way that it is just content that they decided to withheld.

        Add this to the community maps and new gamemodes that can't have existed pre-release

    Northern summer? Wonder if the PSN will be back by then!

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