Full Battlefield 3 Trailer Being Held Hostage On Facebook

Want to get an early look at the full trailer for Battlefield 3, complete with producer commentary? Then you and several hundred thousand friends need to like the Battlefield Facebook page. At least they aren't threatening to shoot puppies.


    Pfffft what a joke.

    Here's an idea, how about nobody "likes" their Facebook page, thus preventing them from ever releasing their trailer and leaving their marketing campaign in ruins.

    Or, you know... maybe they'll just release the damn trailer anyway.

    Uncertain about other users of the internet (being a pre 1990 user) but I look at Facebook with the same level of disgust as people who think/claim WoW and COD are where the games industry started.

    Needing to sign into facebook just to view a page.. Pfft GET FAULKED!

    Am I standing with the ever increasing minority that has 0 internet footprint?

      I think your internet footprint just increased by 1.

      I too despise those sites, especially when companyies are offering bonus content to the users of facebook and such

        They want 1,000,000 people to give their product a free plug on Facebook, where it will be seen by probably 20,000,000 people or whatever the average number of friends per Facebook user is.

        In return for this bonanza of free exposure, they'll let us watch a commercial for their product a few days earlier than would be the case if they didn't get their free publicity.


    Bah, I'll just wait til the 17th. A day or two isn't going to hurt for 12 minutes of god awesome footage. Very excited to see that earthquake!

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