Get A Look At The Red Faction Movie In These Production Photos

Syfy's live-action take on the Red Faction universe, Origins, will make its debut on June 4. If you were wondering what the thing looks like, well, wonder no more.

It's hard to make out what's going on, other than the fact there are people on Mars and some of them are wearing clothes that are just bound to need cleaning twice a day.

One thing you can clearly make out, though, is that this film stars Robert Patrick. Otherwise known as the T -"Have You Seen This Boy" 1000.


    Well, it's definitely looking generic enough.

    of all the franchises out there, "Red Faction" is not among the 'top 25' that I would think of if I was tasked with adapting something into a SyFy movie/possible-tv-series... :-P

    But who knows, they might surprise us...?

    Anyone else think Total Recall?

    I might just go watch some Firefly, that will do me.

    Those cheap costumes/props are giving me Dune miniseries flashbacks. Bad ones.

    Poor Brian J. Smith. After the axed SGU franchise he bounces straight to this. A part of me suspects that the rest of his career will be spent on the SyFy channel (in between doing the convention circuits)

    I'll give it a chance!

      im with u cattiva looks better than mega shark :))

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