Get A Taste Of Red Faction Armageddon On May 3

Get your arse to a limited portion of Mars with the Red Faction Armageddon demo, currently slated to come to Xbox Live and PlayStation Network on May 3. Sorry, PC gamers, but there won't be a demo for you. []


    Awesome, I loved the RF:G demo... and the game :D

    The fact that PC gamers aren't getting a Demo is a pretty good indication that the PC version will be gimped. I got RF:G in the last Steam sale for $5, I loaded it up and couldn't play it because of the crummy control scheme, and the obvious Console oriented configurations... The fact I couldn't change the FOV meant I couldn't play it without feeling sick.

    I will be getting RF:A on 360.

    If it is as poorly optimised on PC as guerilla was it will be a day 1 pirate.

    Goddamn BS that PC gamers get the short end of the stick compared to outdated consoles yet again

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