Get Tired With UFC Personal Trainer

UFC Personal Trainer, the MMA-branded exergame coming soon for Kinect from THQ, dares to ask the question of what is a more ridiculous workout activity: deadlifting a dumptruck tyre in real life, or in the comfort of your living room?

Coming in June, UFC Personal Trainer joins EA Sports Active NFL Training Camp as sports-branded products designed to let dudes know that dudes can actually participate in TV workouts, rather than watching them on ESPN7 with a hand down their sweatpants.

Or you could go out to a construction site and knee someone in the face and flip over a dumptruck tire, followed by a good cardio workout as you flee his co-workers.


    This actually looks pretty decent.

      Yeah I'd get this, I feel like a prat trying to do the Kinect Zumba workout.

    So much for Dana White's war on EA, doesn't look to bad, with luck the next ufc undisputed game is more fun than the 2010 one.

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