GLaDOS Is Powering Up, Is Portal 2 Imminent?

The potatoes on the [email protected] web page are counting down, and a cryptic email from GLaDOS herself arrives. What does it mean? Is Portal 2 about to open?

We've just received an email here at Kotaku Tower from [email protected], warning us of what could very well be our impending doom.

Subject: The time has comf92xnsaielghdsm28

68 74 74 70 3a 2f 2f 77 77 77 2e 66 61 63 65 62 6f 6f 6b 2e 63 6f 6d 2f 70 61 67 65 73 2f 54 68 65 2d 47 6f 6f 64 2d 50 68 69 6c 6f 73 6f 70 68 79 2f 31 39 39 35 36 35 34 38 33 33 39 36 33 39 34 3f 72 65 66 3d 74 73

What secrets does the encrypted message hold? I'm betting it's not "Drink more Ovaltine".

A quick glance at the [email protected] countdown site shows that the Auxiliary Power Potatoes at the bottom of the page have begun counting down, with a status message that reads:

10:50 - Engaging starch-based power cells 11:00 - Reboot safety test protocol initiated... 11:00 - Relaxation chamber locks released... 11:00 - Involuntary hazard mitigation associates have assumed testing positions... 11:00 - Pre-release lethality assessment initiated...

Sounds like it's almost time. Hold me, I'm scared.

Update: As our readers have pointed out, that hex code translates to a Facebook page for a band with a new song on iTunes.

Update again: The potatoes are counting down, but the hex message we received could be a scam. The fact that the band YouTube account and page went up a day in advance of the ARG had us curious, but the song is absolutely horrible and seems to have no bearing on the game whatsoever.

...And now the page has been removed from Facebook altogether. Well that was fun.


    That's the Hex Code for you. Check it out:

    After doing a bit of maths, I can (maybe?) conclude that the potato timer will end approximately 10 minutes after the actual timer counts down. Will Valve time strike again?
    If I'm wrong feel free to correct me, I just thought that it was intriguing.

    GAME/EB note the street date is broken and the game is sellable, as of NAOW!!

    Do you get the feeling that this didn't quite pan out as well as Valve intended?

    Looks like the count down timer is done. Is it unlocked on Steam yet??? Cant wait to get home from work!

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