GLaDOS Is Still Mildly Terrifying, Even When She's Made Out Of LEGO

Catsy, the same LEGO fanatic who recreated Mass Effect's Citadel so beautifully last year, is back giving similar treatment to GLaDOS, the mouthy villain of the Portal series.

Considering the level of detail present in GLaDOS' design—all those panels and pipes and joints—even attempting to build her out of LEGO is to be applauded, let alone doing it this well.

LEGO Portal [Flickr][thanks Amezuki!]


    Instructions pleeease :D

      Oh god yes. I got rid of my lego ages ago, but this is something that'd make using those "order individual bricks" webpages worth using!

    And something to scale it to in the pic

      Judging by the kind of bricks used, i'd say it would be about as big as a hand

    WOW. I thought that my lego creations were good but not compared to this! What are the instructions?

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