Global Agenda Is Going Completely Free-To-Play

Global Agenda Is Going Completely Free-To-Play

The mid-April Free Agent update for Hi-Rez Studios’ online multiplayer shooter Global Agenda will drop the game’s purchase requirement, making it free-to-play for anyone that has the urge.

Original planned as a subscription-based MMO, in June of last year Hi-Rez dropped plans to implement monthly fees, only requiring that players initially purchase a retail or digital version of the game. The Free Agent update will remove that requirement, allowing anyone to download and play the game for as long as they desire.

What’s the money catch? Free players will not have access to the game’s auction house, in-game mail system, will have lower login priority, and won’t be able to create agencies, the game’s equivalent of guilds.

A one-time purchase of $US19.99 will give players Elite Agent status, granting them access to restricted features as well as double the experience points and other rewards for completing missions. Both ranks will also be able to purchase booster packs in the Global Agenda web store that will also double experience points, credits, and tokens earned, along with 2000 bonus tokens a day and an extra loot drop in missions.

Players that have already purchased the game will receive a free upgrade to Elite Agent status.

Keep an eye on the Global Agenda website to see when the update hits. It’ll give you something to do while waiting for Hi-Rez to release Tribes: Ascend.

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