Gmail For Kinect Is Google's April Fool's Joke

Imagine a world in which sending an email is as simple as standing in front of an Xbox 360 Kinect and making a fool of one's self.

Send a message not by pressing a button, but by making a stamp-licking gesture. Stand on one foot to inscribe a P.S. These are the joke innovations for Google's latest April Fool's joke, Gmail motion.

It's a good joke that needles the mania for motion control quite well. Here at Kotaku we've waved our hands in front of the Xbox 360's Kinect sensor to turn on ESPN3 or start playing Kinectimals, and, yes, we've sometimes decided that pushing a button is the superior way to do it.

Check out the whole ridiculous Gmail Motion info site and then try to take Kinect half as seriously as you used to. (But I still wouldn't mind being able to gesture-control my 360 to turn off, Microsoft. Or voice-control it to do that.)


    Kinect isnt even mentioned. Just a computer webcam...
    yeah its an april fools joke but still, a bit of journalistic integrity wouldnt hurt...
    Its offensive to your readers.

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