Guy Who Casket-Robbed A Game Boy Is Headed To Jail

Jody Bennett of Mentcle, Pa., whose coffin-burgling of a Game Boy back in December managed to get the gaming handheld described - for purposes of criminal charges and possibly the first time ever - as a "venerated object," got two months of probation for his ugly deed. He's still going to jail, but on unrelated charges.

Bennett, 37, pleaded guilt to institutional vandalism and theft on Thursday, in connection with the theft of a Game Boy, a Game Boy Light and three games from the casket of Bradley David-McCombs Jr., [pictured]who died in a car accident on Christmas Day. Charges of "abuse of a corpse" and "intentional desecration of a venerated object" were dropped.

For that, Bennett got two years' probation, but don't worry, he's still headed to the slammer. Bennett got 30 days to six months in jail on separate drunken driving and drug possession charges.

Bennett told David-McCombs' family that he felt "horrible for what I did and I apologise."

Bradley David-McCombs Jr., 17, died when his sport utility vehicle flipped over on Christmas morning. Bennett stole the items at a viewing held at a local funeral parlor. Bennett knew the family of the boy. His aunt had described him as "just messed up."

The incident took place in Montgomery Township, Pa., which is about 65 miles northeast of Pittsburgh.

Western Pa. man guilty of theft from boy's casket gets jail time, not for theft but for DUI [The (Greenfield, Pa.) Daily Reporter. Image via.]


    Kinda scummy thing to do but really, is prison the right thing? Is the world going to be any safer with this guy behind bars? Where he'll likely be preyed upon by real criminals AND be another hit on taxpayer pockets?

    The guy's just a two-bit thief and seems apologetic about what he did, just fine him and give him community service or something, he won't do it again. The stuff would only have been worth a few bucks at a pawnshop and it's not like the dead need their game boys.

      @Steve0410, Did you even read the whole article? He got jail time for separate drunken driving and drug possession charges.

      Gotta love people that can read!

      Agreed, they should have just let the dad punch him right in his stupid mouth, would probably have been more effective for rehabilitation.

      "He’s still going to jail, but on unrelated charges."
      "Bennett got 30 days to six months in jail on separate drunken driving and drug possession charges."

      He isn't going to jail because of the gameboy theft.

      I agree, prison might be too harsh, especially when prisons seem to turn non-criminals (the petty thief in this case) into real criminals.

    Maybe if it was a 3DS, but an advance....FOR SHAME!

    I say let him rot.
    Though that's just my 3rd party opinion

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