Hacker’s Fight With Sony Is Over, But Not For Anonymous

Hacker’s Fight With Sony Is Over, But Not For Anonymous

Sony and George Hotz, the hacker who jailbroke the PS3, reached a settlement that ends Sony’s multizillion dollar claim against the 21-year-old rapper provided he never screws with their stuff ever again. End of controversy, right? Well, someone failed to clear this with Anonymous, self-appointed sheriff of Internet privacy and free expression.

Anonymous, which has been attacking annoying Sony websites since early last week, says the campaign will go on – and that includes in-person protests called for this Saturday at Sony stores.

That video above was uploaded yesterday, but given that the hacktivist collective has, deliberately, no leadership or command structure, it’s hard to tell if this is something that truly has wide support among those who identify with the group or participate in its actions. Some past calls for protest or action have been shouted down from within as overzealous newcomers acting outside of the Anonymous mainstream, whatever that is.

And if Anons do show up at Sony stores in Guy Fawkes masks, I’m not sure how one would expect the patrons to connect that show to the company’s alleged awfulness, or its brutal repression of the human right to run Linux on a PS3.


  • If they do show up at Sony stores, they’ll get asked to leave the store, the shopping centre or stay outside and not to block the entrance.

    And as the self-appointed sheriffs of the internet, they’ll step aside and submit because the real law is… Well, real.

    I think, that on very rare occasions, Anonymous highlights an issue that needs the spotlight. Most of the time they’re just an over-bearing nuisance that’s more immature and lacking in common sense than anything else.

    Personally, I choose to think that in this occasion, Anonymous is being the latter.

    But that’s merely my uninformed opinion.
    I’m sure there’s plenty of reasons to storm your local Sony store and getting all huffy puffy.

    • I suspect the average person in the street who saw a bunch of guys hanging around outside a store in costumes and masks would assume it’s just a marketing stunt of some kind. Hell, Anonymous might end up attracting more people into the store!

      And I seriously doubt that somebody going into a Sony store to buy a camera or a TV is really going to give a toss that somebody can’t run Linux on his PS3.

    • If The People Never Stand Up To A Entertainment Company. How Will They Ever Stand Up To Their Government? People Are Becoming Lethargic To The World Around Them. Only Caring About One’s Self. I’d Like To Ask A Question. When The Players Started To Complain About Anonymous Hacking The Websites Of Sony. The Gamers Expressed Their Unhappiness. Now To Most If Not All Including Gamers Themselves. They Are Stereotype As Dead Beats, Losers, Kids, And Staying At Home With Mom. Now I’m Not Saying This Is The Truth Which It Isn’t But Everyone Always Thinks At Least Something Close To That When You Say Gamer. Now To My Question Have Any Of You Seen Any Leader, Government, Or Person. In The Heat Of Their Plan Simply Listened To Logic And Had To Redo Their Whole Operation. Anonymous Listened To The People Without Regarding For Social Standing. Now Person I’d Rather Follow A Government That Lies, Steals, And Cheats. Because In America You All Have The Illusion Of Choice.

  • Anonymous are like a current affair or today tonight, 90% of the time they are mindless drivel spewing attention whores, but 10% of the time they highlight social issues or personal injustices that have slipped between the cracks of the system.

  • Yes. That is a good idea. You should all come and protest outside our stores. Wear masks so you are easily identifiable as members of Annonymous. There will be cake.

  • Someone needs to inform these guys that Linux, is already a free to use program. You can install it on a PC and code homebrew to your hearts content.
    Even better like the millions of other smart cookies he could also make a few apps for the iPhone, it’s also free.
    These guys are in the wrong, developers all around the globe have done it the correct way and made a fortune from it. These guys sound more like spoilt teenagers who think the world owes them for the wedgies they get in school.
    I’m sorry guys even though the social network tells it differently, your not going to become Shawn Parker and have Victoria’s secret models hanging of your arm.

    • that my issue, its like look at all these sandpits we can muck around with then they come to sony’s one and theres a list of rules, then when they get there sony sandpit access removed they get pissy as all hell with them

      • In this particular incident I believe the issue isn’t the rules, but sony removing the sand(the other OS thing) instead of making the rules better(and securing their hardware so linux couldn’t be used to do non-sony stuff on the console).

        I agree with their stance, but they’re method of communication leaves a lot to be desired. Get a whole bunch of undercover police out there on the day, when they start causing a ruckus(they will), surround them so they can’t bolt, then stick ’em in jail for 24 hours.

        See how they like being oppressed instead of doing the oppressing.

  • Remember when anonymous actually acheived something or did something other than fag up the internet?

    Cruelty and nihilism was fun, this internet white knight bullshit is just annoying.

  • “If you have recently purchased sony products return them”.
    Hmm… your video has at least four more PS3s in it than my house does.

  • Is this the same Anonymous that said it didn’t want to do anything to inconvenience Sony’s users, shortly after apparently fucking over PSN and thus inconveniencing millions of Sony’s users?

    The PS3’s security was lacking in certain areas, even though it took the longest to crack. But Sony did the only thing it could do at the time in removing the OtherOS feature as it was just begging to be exploited. It may have been a nice feature for the 1% of PS3 users who used it but Sony was risking a hell of a lot more than just that 1% userbase by leaving it in once people started opening it up.

  • so they want other Anon members to go and personally protest outside the stores? i wonder if the head honcho of it all will even go, i mean its pretty much being asked to found out who they are. I bet this guy is going to stay at home with his mum and have sex with a microwaved burrito

  • I think many are missing the point that Anonymous claims to be attacking sony not for locking down PS3, but for, as a private corporation, influencing the government to use the power of subpoena to harvest users’ info from youtube and the like for potential prosecution for having consumed unsanctioned information.

  • I first heard about Anon from RPS’ coverage of the HBGary attack and had some respect for them because HBGary was doing some pretty questionable stuff that needed to get into the open.

    However, now they (or at least the sub-group on the Sony Op which in the general public’s eye is all Anonymous) seem to be pretty careless and uncaring about involving innocents such as relatives of Sony employees, users of Sony products, and people who have a business connection to Sony. When they quit attacking PSN they essentially said “Hey sorry gamers for breaking PSN. We’re on your side.” Yet here they are trying to punish the very company that makes the machines that gamers play and games’ companies have jobs making games for while also telling us to rid ourselves of anything Sony… which includes our game consoles and subsequently, games and maybe the TV we play it on, and maybe the sound system we use, and any other device that has affiliation with them.

    It’s getting hard to know who the villain is in this saga. I see what they’re trying to do, and they have a point, but I don’t want to be punished because of someone else’s actions. There are other methods they can try first.

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