Hackers Snare Website Of Xbox Live's Top Cop

Stephen Toulouse, known to many as Stepto, is Microsoft's director of policy and enforcement for Xbox Live. That means he's the guy with the biggest, baddest banhammer on that service, making him a prime target for grudge-nursing hackers. Apparently one just seized control of his personal website, stepto.com

The domain has been taken down by Network Solutions, so who knows what was being done with it or for how long it was compromised and still live. About six hours ago, Toulouse noticed that control of Stepto.com had been handed over "to an attacker," and asked that no one send email to that domain, as it was no longer private.

An hour ago, Toulouse tweeted, Network Solutions told him they're "trying to figure out what happened," but agree that the domain had been compromised.

Toulouse is often the face of major banhammer announcements, such as for playing pirated games or cheating, which makes him despised by many people who like pirating games or cheating. For those who don't, he's a pretty reasonable guy, who approaches his duty with a mix of seriousness and levity, as you can see here in his reading from "The Book of Enforcement" at PAX in 2009.

Last year, Larry "Major Nelson" Hyrb, the director of programming on Xbox Live, had his XBL account hacked .


    I don't think you can direct much hatred or anger at the guy that bans you if you are caught cheating/pirating. If you do either one of those then you know the stakes going in, if you get caught you get banned. If you can't handle that, don't do it.

      You aren't going to find many people who admit to breaking the rules, and then take their punishment with good grace.

        Agreed mate, guys like Stepto make gaming better for all of us.

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