Help Create The World's Biggest Pac-Man

Microsoft have invited you to help them create the world's biggest user generated Pac-Man maze online. Anyone can contribute a maze, and once completed you can more to the next user generated maze, and on and on until... well, Pac-Man induced oblivion I guess! We've already created a truly terrible replication of the Kotaku logo, but you can make your own here.

It's part of a Microsoft/NAMCO BANDAI initiative to raise awareness of the Pac-Man brand, but also Internet Explorer and Windows 7.

“PAC-MAN has iconic status in the video gaming community and continues to be one of the most famous arcade franchises of all time,” said Michael Kordahi, Developer Evangelist at Microsoft Australia. “Through Internet Explorer 9 we’re taking PAC-MAN to the next level - literally!

“By developing the world’s largest user-generated PAC-MAN with NAMCO BANDAI, we are giving the world one of its favourite video games through the browser, in a fun and engaging way that truly showcases how developers can deliver a new class of web experiences by taking advantage of modern web standards and hardware acceleration. I can’t wait to start work on my own maze!”

You can play our truly rubbish Kotaku maze if you dare, but feel free to create your own, and drop the link in the comments below.


    ...sorry Mark, I had no idea that was the Kotaku 'K'...

    You should probably blame it on Seamus or something XP,-2
    Burger time. all the time.

    I think we are in need of an MMO pacman, like this.. just with hundreds of players pac'ing about the many player made maps.

    Wow. Wonder who at MS saw Google's logo that turned into a game of Pacman? That was for the game's 30th anniversary on May 22, 2010. A year ago.

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