Here's 12 Minutes Of Battlefield 3 Gameplay, No Facebook Strings Attached

Battlefield 3's holding out for a million Facebook likes before it unlocks the final of five videos, which would be this one above, except with producer commentary. This still is 12 minutes solid of gameplay and in-game cutscenes, with annotations so you know what's going on in the campaign.

Some of this has been seen before - such as the rooftop sequence in which the squad bazookas a big-time pain-in-the-ass sniper. But there's a lot of never-before-seen footage in it, and you don't have to do anything on Facebook to see it. (They're currently at 775,000 likes or so.)

There's NSFW language throughout this, so use headphones if that's a concern.


    itll be nice to see COD actually have some competiton, personally im in BF3's boat

    judging by the interior of the fighter, its either an F-22 Raptor or an F-35 Lightning II

      F-16 Viper/Fighting Falcon.

      Same Button layout on the panel Below the HUD, same screen positioning, and it has the same plane-shaped light panel on the right-hand side.

      I'm so upgrading my comp for this.

      It's been pretty much confirmed that the Jet the player is controlling is an F-16, and the opposing jet is most likely a SU-35.

    if this is truly gameplay footage i am very impressed... looks too convenient how it blends into scripted events- i'm a little worried this is soething more like what they kept on doing with early released bioshock "gameplay footage", which is something more of a rendered, scripted "visual target" they use to aim for with the real gamplay...

    i hope i'm wrong, because that looked amazing

      That's because this is Single Player, not Multiplayer. Of course its scripted, but don't worry about not having tactical opitions or anything...this battlefield...this IS a battlefield.


    If it plays as well as it looks like it does, COD aint got squat against this

    Frostwire's lookin' good!

    Please tell me that the building falling was physics based and not scripted in the way it fell.

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