Here's A Look At Minecraft's Weather Effects, Achievements And Stats

Minecraft's next title update (1.5) will deliver a host of new features, among them an achievement system, a statistics log and, perhaps more importantly, weather effects. The game's creator released this video late last night showing all those features in action.

Markus "Notch" Persson says there's some tinkering to be done with the weather - "Rain and especially thunder is waaay too common in this test," he says. You can see how precipitation both transitions from rain to snow given the temperature of the area; how ice re-forms and snow accumulates, and how rain will grow flowers.

As for achievements, "Ride a pig off a cliff" is indeed one offered. Notch gave it as an example last month, evidently it carried through. While he says some weather effects occur too frequently (such as thunder), I propose that "Punch a cow in the face to make it rain," be another recognised achievement.

[thanks to Jonathan C. for the tip]


    Nerdgasm @ Awesomeness....

    I cant freaking wait!

    Hahaha, getting wood!
    Punching trees gives me wood ;)

    Looks cool, but I hope the storms arent that frequent. Lightning looks cool though, and I reckon there should be more darker clouds, so maybe in a future update, you could see the clouds coming for you so you know to run for shelter.

      "Just a quick video to show off the stuff coming in 1.5. Rain and especially thunder is waaay too common in this test, for demo purposes."

    It's not a title update, it's a patch.

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