Hollywood To Rip Off Video Gaming's Excellent Framerate

Video games have stolen many things from Hollywood. What's Hollywood going to take back? Director James Cameron wants to shoot Avatar 2 and 3 at 48 or even 64 frames per second, the latter rate being the ideal framerate for first-person shooters and racing games.

Movies are usually shot at 24 fps, but, hey, if every other military game is going to steal from Cameron's Aliens, then surely the man can have his 60 frames which, he says, "is just reality. It is really stunning." [The Hollywood Reporter]


    Oh joy. Looks like Bluray is going to need another update - though this time It's going to be enough to force early adopters to buy new machines as older machines just won't have the processing power to process 60 frames per second.

    Other than that I'm absolutely psyched as the fast moving sections of movies regularly become a blur infused eyestrain due to the low frame rate - The first Transformers is probably one of the best examples of this.

      Blu-ray can output at 1080i60, 1080p24 and 720p60. So Avatar should be able to run on Blu-ray at 60fps as long as your player/TV can handle 1080i.

    Meh, count me out. There's a reason why cinema hasn't adopted higher frame rate stock.

      agreed, also i am more worried by the fact avatar is scheduled for two more movies...

        bahahah this, it was a bloody terrible movie :P

    I dunno if you've ever seen something shot at 50fps and then played back at 50fps but it looks disgusting.

    Please, Mr Cameron, leave us the frame rates we have. You can have as many dimensions you deem necessary to tell your "stories" but please leave the frame rates alone.

      I've seen older tech running things at higher frame rates and this is true. But with cameras evolving all the time, such as the RED hd camera used to film movies, this really can be overcome.

      If everyone just left things as they were, we'd have no advancement. Lets tell the R18+ people to leave it as it is, let's tell the people researching diseases to leave things as they are, the people pioneering new 3D elements for games to leave things as they are...

      Despite what you think of Camerons movies, wether good or bad, the guys a technological visionary willing to push the boundaries of new tech in his artform. We've got nothing to lose and everything to gain. Tell me one thing you've really, honestly and logically got to lose if he does this?


        But seriously though, I more-or-less agree with you. Regardless of how ham-handed and dull the story was, Avatar was a technological masterpiece.

    Whats even more concerning is they will be shot in 3D. 50FPS of 3D images will melt brains. From memory, 3D tvs output at 15FPS.

    since 3D is two 2D images , does that mean it will be filmed at 60fps as a total for both cameras, meaning its playback is actually 30fps, or will both cameras film at 60fps each?

    also, it doesn't matter, you cant see that fast, anyway.

    I have large doubts that this will come to pass purely for the reason that most of the large FX houses charge per frame of rendered output. So imagine the budget of Avatar...now double it, or triple it.

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