'Honest Hearts' Is Indeed Fallout; New Vegas' Next DLC

Back in January, a trademark filing hinted that "Honest Hearts" would succeed "Dead Money" as Fallout: New Vegas' second DLC extension. A few screengrabs of a video briefly uploaded by Fallout maker Bethesda Softworks verifies that as the title and gives the briefest and tiniest of glimpses at its visuals.

A Bethesda forum user who subscribes to Bethesda's YouTube channel was sent an email notification about a new video uploaded - the trailer for Honest Hearts. The video, however, was set to private, then removed.

This is the link for the trailer, should Bethesda set it to public.

In January, The Vault (the Fallout wiki) noted that a graffiti file found in "Dead Money" referred to a "Burned Man" - Joshua Graham, and New Canaan. Graham was originally created as "The Hanged Man" and he and New Canaan were to appear in the version of Fallout 3 that Black Isle had been developing, canceled in 2003.

DAC Exclusive: Images from new Fallout DLC: Honest Hearts [Duck and Cover]


    Is any of the DLC out on PC yet tho? Thought it wasn't for a while.

      Jon, Dead Money was released on pc 22nd Feb and Bethesda has indicated that all future DLC's will be released across all platforms simulatenously

    Dead Money is out on PC and subsequent dlc will release on all platforms simultaneously. Dead Money is fantastic if you like intense survival and roleplaying-there is a lot of dialogue and dialogue options and it's really interesting (sadly the majority of the reviews seem to want fallout to be an FPS splatterfest instead...sigh)

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