Hope You Like Ads, Because Battlefield 3 Will Shovel Lots At You

Hope You Like Ads, Because Battlefield 3 Will Shovel Lots At You

This may have been a prediction. It sure as hell sounds like a threat. This year, Activision and Electronic Arts will both spend more on the marketing for two games than many publishers will ever spend on developing one, said Electronic Arts’ CEO. As he was speaking to a conference of advertisers, it was surely music to their ears.

John Riccitiello told the Ad Age Conference to expect “a couple hundred million dollars [in]marketing against” Call of Duty and Battlefield’s next entries this year, reports Gamasutra. Tossing red meat to Battlefield fans and Activision haters, Riccitiello said Battlefield 3 is “designed to take [Call of Duty]down”.

In another comment sure to delight players of of both games’ multiplayer modes, Riccitiello suggested that in-game advertising doesn’t necessarily mean billboards within the set design of a level. Half of online multiplayer time is spent in lobbies, he said, where “today’s consumer is very much expecting advertising.” See? You asked for it!

Riccitiello: Battlefield 3, Call of Duty To Spend Hundreds Of Millions On Ad Battle [Gamasutra]


  • Why not put them in game on billboards, and make like a 100G achievement for it.. “Window Shopper” – Awarded for stopping and looking at all advertising billboards in the game… Actually maybe don’t give them this idea!

    • Marketers gennerally aren’t happy with people being able to fire rocket launchers at their branding… which is why you see them more commonly in racing games than in shooters.

      • I don’t know.. nobody likes doing phone surveys.. sooo you throw a little code in the background to figure out how many times a billboard gets hit with a rocket and BAM thats market research for you!

  • Tossing red meat to Battlefield fans and Activision haters, Riccitiello said Battlefield 3 is “designed to take [Call of Duty] down”.

    Why say these kinds of things.

    Hype the game too much and it’s gonna fail to live up to the awesomeness level 5 you made it out to be

    Why can’t they market and release it(make sure beta isn’t anything like what BC2’s was(there are things that should work going into a beta no matter what)

    and then when we get it we’ll be pleasantly surprised instead of, oh you cant do these 3 things they said you could

  • I understand the want/need to put advertising in games. I dont like it, but, like he said, Im expecting it.
    BUT. . . if the advertising starts interrupting gameplay, like players having to watch a couple of commercials before the next round, then that would be a piss off!
    Thats when games should be free, like free to air tv.

  • I like in-game advertising, it adds to the realism of the experience. As long as, of course, you’re not fighting in Saudi Arabia surrounded by American corporations…

  • I can see it now…

    A game of rush, your team piles into a blackhawk, you fly over the enemy base and parachute out just as the helicopter gets hit by an RPG. You land on a building taking cover with RPG and gun fire all around you. You drop inside the building, run down the stairs, out the back, you get to the objective and just as you are about to arm a charge… *FLASH AD POPUP*.

  • Actually, Mr Riccitiello, I am ENRAGED when I see advertising in my lobbies. Or in any menu, in fact. Or in loading screens.

    I did not ask for it. Please tell me who did, so I can show them my fist.

  • Let’s see…

    Activision is going to get Eminem to release a new single, which will be tied to a solid marketing campaing…

    EA is going to get… Linken Park?

  • Ok EA, put ingame adverts in, fine, but then don’t turn around and charge $$ for DLC. Drop that out for free thankyou very much. One or the other.

  • i actually would not care too much if they put ads in my game. idk, there are some smart ways that they can implement ads in to a videogame that i would not mind. EA Sports pulled it off, all those racing games pulled it off, why not a shooter? i wouldnt care so long as it didnt interfere with the fun.

  • I’m sick of having things shoved at me, if i want it, then i’ll go out and fucking buy it.

    And thats the reason you’ve never had a telemarketer try to sell you a dog over the phone. Don’t these people themselves get hassled by ads? do they not know what they have done?

  • if i find one ad in my lobby while im playing im fucking suing them, i think the billboard idea is good as long as its not like “5 gum” in some arab backstreet….

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