How Final Fantasy XIII's Heroine Became Homeless

In role-playing game Final Fantasy XIII, the protagonist Lightning didn't have a house. She had one. That is, until Square Enix cut it.

Lightning's futuristic, peanut-shaped abode seems to be covered with a shiny, metallic coating (and a yellow racing stripe). A glass-covered staircase led up to the entry way.

Inside, there was a bedroom and a living room. The living room sported a long table, and the furniture is sleek and modern.

Surrounding her house was a park and a plaza, and Square Enix even made a polygon model with textures. It was possible to walk around in the house.

However, due to storage issues, Square Enix had to cut the house - and the floating island it resided on. Wonder what caused those storage issues. Hrm...

FF13のライトニングの家は、容量の都合でパージされてしまったらしい [へちま速報@ゲーハー板]


    Storage issues? I don't think so, I'm sure they could of fitted that house which could be around 50mb. It's probably more of a story/gameplay issue.

      For memory, the xbox version was 4 discs big, and only just fit. This looks pretty intensive(the 50 you cite might be the stairs), especially if they did more than just have it sit there - people walking around, sounds, scripted events, all adds up pretty fast.

      'Fitted' is not a word. That is all.

        Actually, it is and it's use is dependent on whether you prefer British or American English. Seeing as this is the Australian version of Kotaku, "fitted" is the correct form of the word.

          Its* - can't be talking about words and not use the right word now can I?

    Huh, i was expecting her house to be a long narrow hallway.

    3* discs.

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