How TERA Online Plans To Step Up Your MMO Experience

How TERA Online Plans To Step Up Your MMO Experience

When you’re the North American publisher of a Korean MMO like TERA Online, the biggest hurdle you have to face is convincing the western audience that your game isn’t just another pretty grindfest. Here’s En Masse Entertainment’s attempt.

Developed in Seoul, Korea, by Bluehole Entertainment, TERA, also known as The Exiled Realm of Arborea, sets itself apart from other massively multiplayer online role-playing games by incorporating action game combat and cursor-based targeting. Instead of pointing and clicking, you’re aiming and actively fighting the massive foes you come across, more God of War than World of Warcraft.

I played TERA briefly at GamesCom in Germany last year, and the combat system definitely has a unique feel to it. As one of the diminutive, animal-like Popori I found myself squaring off against tree creatures easily ten times my size. Combat was fast-paced and highly positional, definitely not your average targeting and auto-attacking.

Will this fresh take on combat be enough to help TERA Online avoid the stigma of being just another Korean MMO? We’ll find out when the game launches in North America and Europe later this year.


  • No, wrong. What it’ll take to avoid the stigma of being “just another Korean MMO” is having a quest system which is more than “bring me 20 bear asses” or “go here and kill 15 of the enemies that spawn randomly in this area”. It isn’t bad combat that makes an MMO boring, it’s having no worthwhile reason to fight.

    • lols @ your ignorant face
      What mmorpg doesn’t have those types of quests? It’s the basic thing in all mmorpgs not just Korean developed ones.
      If you knew half of what TERA has to offer instead of spitting out uninformed assumptions you’d know it’s more than that. But I’m not going to spoon feed you if your too blind to see.
      Just attacking normal mobs in TERA is fun. The amount of times I’ll just stop and kill something quest or no. Then there’s all the awesome looking BAMs.
      I’ll never play another clicky-target mmorpg ever again. Super excited about TERA =^_^=

    • Yeah, I’ve been following the localization of TERA and that’s something that really worries me too. Action-combat MMOs that are hosted overseas have a lousy track-record when it comes to whether we get a slice of the action (eg. Vindictus, APB) – especially where there is PvP involved. From what I gather, the only confirmed server locations so far are the US and Europe. It’s physically not possibly for us to get a decent ping at that distance.

  • Looks like what I thought global agenda was, i.e skill-based combat in a huge MMO world.
    i.e an MMO to keep my eye on.

    • Yeah, sounds like a similar thing to Global Agenda (real-time action) which leads me to believe Australia will get screwed on ping, making PvP frustrating at best.

  • I’m not sure who’s unluckier; the Americans who have to get their hopes up that this will be good only to have them crushed repeatedly, or us Australians who can’t in the first place because even if a good non-hotkey MMO comes out it’ll take a few million subscribers before there’s even a CHANCE of local servers.

    Oh well. Back to pretending this doesn’t exist.

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