How The Piracy Debate Is Like The Emperor's New Clothes

It takes an (admittedly self-serving) quote from an online retailer to say what every other industry executive must surely be thinking, but can never dare to say out loud.



    that's why Spore was pirated so much, nobody really liked that game, yet it was the most pirated game (that was tracked) at its time of release.

    You need some basic copy protection to stop lazy pirates , but DRM these days has gone nuts. Single player campaign should always ALWAYS be payable .

    Ironically I never pirated a game until I bought a retail game that required steam, got pissed off and when on a piracy rampage as retribution. That may have been childish and steam is a lot better these days. I think as needed as "basic DRM" may be, it still punishes the regular people who pay for everything.

    Spore was the best game ever, until it launched and I actually got to play it. I reckon the reason people pirate is publishers that push shit out and charge a premium. That's why I don't play any game that doesn't have a demo.

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