How To Build Your Own Adventure Time Game Boy

If you like video games and animated series Adventure Time, no doubt one of your favourite characters will be Beemo, Jake and Finn's adorable little talking Game Boy... console... thing.

If you'd like to have your very own Beemo, well, get ready, because here's how you do it. You'll need a Game Boy Color. And some tools. And some spare time. And some elbow grease. And, finally, these detailed instructions.

Not so easy, huh? Well, the best things in life are rarely easy. They're often obtainable only after passing a series of gruelling tests or challenged. You'd think watching Adventure Time would have taught you that!

Adventure Time's BMO: Roommate & GBC Mod [instructables, via frederator]


    Incredibly awesome. Big fan of Adventure Time and would love to have one of these, and a Jake plushie too!


    ok this is wired but id does not show in way house to make is poor BASIL


    check out this bad boy, i now have a need to fill a BMO sized hole in my being that wasn't there until i saw this

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