How To Get Your A-Game On (With Electricity)

Are you desperate to take your video game performance to the next level - and willing to indulge in some high-risk behavior? Hint: you'll need a 9-volt battery and a wet sponge!

Researchers in New Mexico claim that a faint electric massage to the brain improved the performances of volunteers playing the DARPA-sponsored war simulator DARWARS Ambush! The electric current was produced by a device running on a 9-volt battery and delivered to the volunteers via a moistened sponge applied to their right temple.

According to the authors of the study, those volunteers who received a more significant electrical current performed twice as well as those who did not. However, it appears that those enjoying the performance boost were not entirely aware of it. A neuroscientist involved with the experiment observed that these subjects did not experience "a good intuitive or introspective sense about why" they outperformed their non-electrified counterparts.

So, will the elite gaming headsets of the future include microphones and electric transmitters? (We certainly hope not.)



    So... Basically, a real life thinking cap that actually works? Awesome. Think of the possibilities!

      *Tries to think of possibilities*

      *applies wet sponge and battery to temple*

      "WOW! Them some good possibilities!"

      Exactly. Won't be long now, for the transmogrifier and the duplicator to be invented. I am so ready to get my tiger on. Tiger blood for the win.

    Subjects probably didn't notice the improvement because they were busy being electrified.

    Yeah sure, applying a current to your temple will make you smarter, also pieces of rock have healing abilities, magnets in your bed will relieve pain and martians walk amongst us

    Can any one say "Placebo"???

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