Hulu Plus Will Be Free On Xbox 360 For A Week In The US

The Hulu Plus service launches on the Xbox 360 tomorrow in the US, enabling people to stream episodes and clips of popular TV shows - or at least a subset of the ones that are available through your computer - through an Xbox 360 and onto a TV.

Usually, this will cost you both the price of an Xbox Live Gold account and an $US8/month Hulu Plus subscription. But, according to Microsoft, the service will be free to all Xbox Live users, silver or gold, Hulu subscribers or not, from April 29-May 6, thanks to a sponsorship from Jack Link's Beef Jerky.


    Any word about it being available to the Aussies?

    it seems quite silly how the Americans get all the treatment there are others out there too!

    is what i would be saying if i didnt understand the sad truth, Microsoft is an american company, and thus americans will all ways have more features, and while we have an Australian devision of M$, it is still run from america, they tell their devision what to do and the players get more to complain about

    it will be a great day when microsoft slams down its plans and wrights in big bold letters on its white board:


    and begins marketing things to people equally, 'till then we are walking wallets, forking out for just about any overpriced service they give the rest of the world.

    bit of a rant there, sorry, feel free to ignore it

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