I Want To Play A Game...

[Puts on creepy mask]Okay everyone. I want to play a game. I have randomly placed 10 Xbox LIVE early access beta codes to the Gears of War 3 Beta as comments in posts made in the last 10 pages of Kotaku. If you can find them, and redeem them. They are yours.

Happy hunting! And let us know where you found them in the comments below.


    I've got access via Bulletstorm, but I doubt I'll be bothered to use it. Too many other games to play, plus Portal 2!

      I have a mate in the UK that wants a code like crazy so if anyone does have one that does not want it.. let me know. I know it's a long shot, but had to ask for him.

      claimsboy at hotmail dot com

        I'd be up for giving away a Bulletstorm code, but they tied it to the bundled DLC (skins+maps), so unfortunately I can't.

          Ah, didnt realise that... thanks anyway mate.

            Serrels, for future reference people can just click on your name in the comments and see every comment you've made in the last so-and-so.

            So all the codes were probably taken up within minutes just by looking at your page.

    Yay! Oh wait, I don't have a 360...boo

    Yay i got one :)

    how come in the download queue it saids its only 88.15MB?

      I can answer that one my friend... 88mb DL for the first bit. Once you DL that one, It set up another 507mb DL which is the actual game. Not sure why this is but never fear.. it works!!!!

    Great idea!

    Pity I've already got a code from bulletstorm :(

    Got the one from the "Terrible 1990s Console Games Simulate The 2011 NBA Playoffs" comments. Thanks!

    Woo got one!

    I found it on the Nintendo, The New Wii And Building A Faster Horse article.

    Thanks Serrels

    got one from that hot chick that has all the ReS Evil goodies!

    Found one in the "Crysis 2 wants more RAM" (who doesn't AMIRIGHT?) article but it's already been used.

    UPDATE: 99% sure they've all been taken. And yes, despite having Bulletstorm and being able to access the beta at 11pm tonight (Australian time) I still searched for one frantically.

      11pm? Thanks for the info :)

      thanks for the update a had no clue when does the beta start for the guys that have bulletstorm

    "The Girl Who Fell In Love With Resident Evil"

    Found one in there

    yeah, they are all gone, i was too late for the game :O

    Gah! I'm at work! D:

      If codes do ever come up again while at work, you can redeem codes within xbox.com.

      Just go to: My xbox > Redeem code

      It has helped me get codes that are posted online. Just open both pages then spam F5...

      Please note I am not your boss who may have additional comments regarding this issue.

    Too late. Devastated. :(

    I hate to say this but...

    PROTIP: http://www.kotaku.com.au/?fbconnect_action=myhome&userid=2617

      Yeah, noticed that Jonathon, but too late...

      This would have helped but it kind of feels like cheating, at least now I know that all the codes have been used

    found 4 but they were all gone! :( Sucks when i have to work and miss out on shit like this!! DAMN IT!! *shakes fist*

    Is this a multiplayer beta or singleplayer, too?

      Multiplayer Beta only. Games include King of the hill, Team death match and capture the flag i think...

      Just MP. It'll be Team Deathmatch for a while, then they'll release new gametypes as the beta goes on :)

    Not sure I should be posting this here, but considering that all our codes seem to have been snapped up, there is another comp running at Screenplay (SMH.com) to give away another 10 codes...


    Go get 'em!

    Couldn't have posted this article after 5pm , Serrels?

    The start time for the beta has been brought forward four hours to 7pm our time (eastern states). Might not be exactly 7pm - but you know how these things are.

    I can confirm that every code is used.

    But guys next time you wanna run something like this, Can you think of a better way. I clicked marks named up popped his last comments and it was a list of all the beta codes. What was stopping someone from grabbing them all at once? There was no work at all. :(

    Bummed i missed out but o well. Next time maybe.

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