If Only This Star Fox Limited Edition 3DS Were Real

There's a fancy, custom PSP for just about every game ever released on the system. It's a shame Nintendo doesn't follow suit. Especially when you see this fan mock-up of a tribute to the classic shooter.

No crass logos, no ridiculous colour schemes...just a nice silver 3DS with a classy Star Fox graphic on the front.

The same artists have drawn up a Resident Evil 3DS that's a little less family friendly.

[Variasuit, thanks Brandon!]


    Ok, the only thing I want to see changed in this is the Arwing used as artwork - needs moar 64
    (after all it's being remade for the 3DS, why not? Fits better in that case)

    I'd buy that. Looks smick and the colour of the 3DS is great. Is that a actual colour.

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