Imagining What Sony's Next Controller (And Its Box) Will Look Like

My dork tendencies run a little... stranger than most. While I enjoy looking at things like mock-ups of new control pads, for example, I prefer looking at a mock-up of the packaging for said controller.

Russian/American designer Ted Meltok figured he'd take a swing at Sony's next (well, probably next) control pad, the Dualshock 4. Smartly realising that, like the last three the design will likely stay almost exactly the same, the emphasis here is on the classy logo and smart packaging.

I really like the box idea. Why? Because controllers are expensive now, and having them in clamshell packaging just puts them in the same league as a cheap pair of iPhone headphones or a water pistol. This box, though, looks more fitting for the price you pay these days.

It also means you won't slice your hands open trying to pry that damn clamshell packaging open.


    That looks like something they'd release 10 years ago

    I thought they were trying to go for the dark, sleek, streamlined look now?

    Who am I kidding, the next controller will STILL get the left thumbstick wrong and when your grandkids ask why the PS17 has a wonky analogue stick, you'd have to explain that when YOU were a kid, Sony just tacked them on the original PS1 controller to one-up Nintendo and they've stuck around like a useless vestigial organ the whole time.

      errrr.... I actually prefer the dualshock joystick configuration to the xbox.
      I do have big hands though, so maybe that makes it better for me...

    Featuring teflon oated triggers for extra slip.

    The ccontroller design from PS to PS3 was lazy, recycling the design instead of evolving.

    Remember this is what almost was to be the PS3 controller.

    This is my concept.
    I widended the whole thing to stop thumbs knocking.
    I added a Xbox 360 stick which has a better concave top which reduces slipping.
    I lengthend the handles for better grip.
    I replaced the right stick with a trackball, this could be a modular unit snapped in and out with a regular stick.



    PS2 Trackball!175126/bodielobus-ps2-controller-with-trackball

    XBox 360 Trackball

    Beats the boomerang.

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