Introducing The PS3's Answer To The Wii Bowling Ball

Yes, a bowling ball for your PS3. Take that, dude.


    i was really hoping the move won't brandish another 1 billion peripherals, but who am i kidding?


    'Nuff said

    Wonder how many broken tv's this one will cause...

      Well, when you consider the install base of the PS3, then reduce that to the limited number that actually bought Move controllers, reduce that still further to the number of Move owners likely to buy this piece of shit, and reduce THAT number again to the small percentage who will actually throw it through their TV... I reckon the final tally will probably be 2. And at least one of those will probably be staged by the creators of this thing in the hope of drumming up publicity.

    Naturally you don't have one, nor have you used one!

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