iPad 2 Racer Delivers High Def Gaming To Televisions

iPad 2 Racer Delivers High Def Gaming To Televisions

The latest update for killer iPad racing game Real Racing 2 HD adds the ability to play the game in 1080p at 30 frames per second using your iPad as the steering wheel.

While the update is free, you will need some hardware to get this to work. Developers Firemint say you’ll need to have an iPad 2, a copy of the game, an Apple digital AV adaptor, an HDMI cable and an HDMI compatible display.

Once you’re geared up you just connect the adaptor to your iPad 2, plug the HDMI cable in and launch the game. Real Racing 2 even allows you to disconnect and reconnect the cable in-game, meaning you can switch from TV play to iPad 2 only play on the fly.


When playing on an external display your iPad 2 will act as both the steering wheel and display to show real-time telemetry.


  • I will have to test this out. I have an iPad 2 and AV adapter (brilliant for iView and YouTube). Downloading Real Racing 2 HD now… I’ll update with what it’s like.

    • UPDATE: Wow this is really cool. A few points to note. Having the AV adapter come out of the side is mildly annoying for hand positions (I ended up having it exit between my middle and index fingers). The steering though is sweet.
      Grabbing a Volvo C30 (Edward car for Twilight fans) and jumping straight into a quick race on easy – it couldn’t be simpler. Basically steer your way to victory.
      I soon removed the extra aids traction control, braking etc, and had another go – Much better. The default control method is gyro to steer and touching the screen (I use my left thumb) for braking which works really well. You can have brake on one side and accelerator on the other, but I found this relatively unnecessary – There aren’t many times (in an arcade racer) where you don’t need to be braking or accelerating, so only worrying about a single screen touch was great. As a hard core racer fan this was surprisingly enjoyable and I will be playing it again in depth when I don’t need to be working instead :-). Of course there is no force feedback or ability to moderate the amount of braking or acceleration which I enjoy for real racers but this AV enhancement by the guys at Firemint has made for an iPad game worthy of purchasing (for me) in a genre that I would never have touched on a portable device. And it is considerably cheaper than console racers. Two thumbs up !!

  • I check this and works awesomely great, now I can view the games on big screen with more clarity and flexibility.

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