Is Final Fantasy’s Creator Ripping Off New Final Fantasy Games?

Is Final Fantasy’s Creator Ripping Off New Final Fantasy Games?

Nintendo-published role-playing game The Last Story was developed by Hironobu Sakaguchi, the creator of Final Fantasy. Sakaguchi stopped doing FF games years ago, but you wouldn’t know that by the cover of his latest game.

Japanese netizens are quick to point out that images on The Last Story’s box art look incredibly similar to character art for Square Enix’s most recent role-playing games, Final Fantasy Versus XIII and Final Fantasy XIII.

Of course, The Last Story was not developed by Square Enix, but rather, by Sakaguchi’s own studio Mistwalker and AQ Interactive. And, of course, The Last Story sounds a bit like Final Fantasy.

The image of Last Story hero Elza looks very similar to Final Fantasy Versus XIII protagonist Noctis. Eagle eyes have pointed out similarities, going as far to even overlay the Elza image on top of the corresponding Noctics art.

What’s more, netizens also noted that the image of Last Story heroine Stella looks incredibly similar to that of Final Fantasy XIII’s Lightning, once again even overlaying the images to see how they match up.

Final Fantasy versus, indeed.

『パンドラの塔』パッケージアートにトレース疑惑浮上?あまりにも似すぎててヤバイ! [へちま速報@ゲーハー板]






  • So now we’re raggin on guys for copying they’re own inventions even though they never do VISUAL ART.

    I like you…

  • Umm…Brian? You do release that this is the box art for Pandora’s Tower, not Last Story, right? Sakaguchi has nothing to do with this one =P This is the Last Story:

    And the box art you’ve linked to is for Pandora’s Tower, Nintendo’s upcoming God of War style game on the Wii.

    You might wanna fix that 😉

  • Is this article a joke? If it’s not an extremely, extremely late April Fools joke then it needs to be fixed ASAP. As someone else already pointed out, that isn’t even the art to The Last Story. It is Pandora’s Tower, which has nothing to do with the creator of Final Fantasy. How about getting the facts straight before ripping on Sakaguchi and Mistwalker? Secondly, “Stella” isn’t the name of TLS’s heroine but, rather, Versus’ heroine. And, really, people have never before seen two anime/video game characters look similar facial-wise or stand in a similar pose?

  • Name is pretty much a rip off too.

    Final Fantasy
    Last Story

    Someone from Microsoft now needs to come up with another game called End Tale or something then it will be complete.

    • The title Final Fantasy was ripped off? Oh, so the guy who came up with that title ripped himself off. BIG DEAL :/

      And, why is Microsoft being brought into the conversation? The Last Story is a Nintendo IP, not a Microsoft one(not that Nintendo had anything to do with titling the game to begin with anyway). Maybe you meant Mistwalker?

  • Well PES has been copying fifa for years!

    (When you make alot of the same limited art style/genre, you are bound to get similarities)

  • So much fail in one post! xD This artwork is from the game Pandora’s Tower which has no involvement from Hironobu or any other Final Fantasy former staff member whatsoever. That is not Elza nor Stella, and Stella is actually a character from Final Fantasy XV (former Final Fantasy Versus XIII) not from the Last Story xD

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