Is This A Countdown To Portal 2's Release?

Rumours abound that Portal 2 will be released ahead of schedule at some point today. A blank countdown, found at the Aperture Science website has been found, and it's ticking down with roughly 15 hours left on the clock at time of writing. Could this be the countdown to Portal 2's release?

Kotaku reader Trevor Holland has been watching the Portal 2 Wiki religiously and came aross the countdown. Regardless of whether it has anything to do with the game's release, we're curious to see precisely what it is in aid of...

May I be among the first to say... we we we so excited?


    We can hope.

    I'm incredibly excited... Tomorrow morning could be Christmas in April!

    My preload is ready and waiting to go... just need Valve to activate GlaDOS!

    I didn't need any more incentive to get Portal 2, but as soon as they announced the game comes with a Rubiks Cube I started foaming at the mouth.

    I need that Cube.

      Sorry to burst your bubble mate, it doesn't look very portal related, cube seems like a cheap bit of plastic so EB don't have to pricematch on release :P

      Really pay 40 bucks more for a 20c made in china cube

      If it had come with a companion cube of a respectable size I could pony that cash up

      But a tiny rubix cube as opposed to cheaper steam copy(where more of the money goes tovalve) that may now be released early

      As others have said, don't piss away $40 on a 20 cent piece of plastic. If you desperately want the cube, buy your own cube, print out your own Portal pictures and paste it on.

        I think you guys may have missed my point, I only want the cube. It should only be a few dollars on ebay, the game will be about $50.

        Some people pop pills, some get massively drunk. I solve Rubiks cubes about 30 times a day.

          I've got a channel 7 one that I'd be happy to be rid of. I don't think they gave them away, just sales internal stuff. It's already jumbled though :\

          [email protected] if you want me to send it to you.


            Thank you. This will feed my addiction for another few weeks

            I already have 15 twisty puzzles. (too many I know)

              I already have a cube that I've been meaning to re-sticker. Any suggestions from Kotaku?

              I was thinking about putting a new MK logo on each side

                Get Sughly to draw you some pictures to put on the sides!

          Sorry mate, should have specified you only really wanted the cube to feed your addiction :)

    This would make my Saturday.

    That countdown ends at 2am.

    I think I may need to camp outside JB Hifi so that at 2am, I can burst in and take a copy. I can blame this countdown.

    I want this for my Xbox - would Valve releasing the Steam edition early force retailers to release the physical media early?

      Also, the countdown finished at exactly midnight Perth time. Which makes me wonder if the timer just counts down to midnight based on your computer time.

    But but .... I had time off for its actual release date. Now I will be expected to work tomorrow and the next day all the while having that delicious potato ... I mean Portal 2 being out and not played by me :(

    Think this is in America too? And for the XBox?

      I believe due to the time difference, the 7am 19th of April release date for America is the 20th for us... we'd get it at the same time... so if the game launches early, I'm hoping it's globally.

      And no, it won't be for Xbox, only steam. However, in saying that, perhaps retailers have been instructed that official street date is the 20th, but unofficially it's the 16th (Tomorrow for us Aussies)

    What sort of freak watches this stuff so closely... (please note irony of this comment since that's me they mention in the news story)

    Same day (technically) as the Kotaku AU Sydney meetup?
    I think so.

    Everybody's lookin' forward to the weekend, weekend.

      i totally am, but please dont quote that song, its one of the only videos that has more dislikes than likes XD

    But is it a "normal time" clock, or a Valve Time clock?

    It may start counting up again once it reaches 00:00:01...


    If this were true, I wonder if it would be a Steam only thing or has Valve secretly shipped the game to stores already?

    This would kill me. My computer died last week and the laptop I'm borrowing I doubt could use it. Was hoping to get a new computer before Portal 2 hits :c

    The problem with this is it'll only be the Steam version unlocking. I can't imagine stores are going to start selling tomorrow.

    And since I want the PS3 version as it includes the Steam copy, I'll still be waiting till it hits store shelves.

      Stores might break street date... Then again, I wouldn't be surprised if Valve only values Steam customers... why wouldn't they?

    cursed Black.

    If this is true it would mean that Valve Time is now flowing backwards and the destruction of the universe is not far off.

      As long as I get to play Portal 2 before the end of the universe, I'm perfectly fine with that happening.

    wasnt portal 2 released on steam last night?

      I checked my pre-loaded copy this morning and it was still locked.

    i'm thinking more along the lines of demo than full version release :)

      Valve already stated that the demo is coming after release.

    im wondering if it also has a little to do with the fact that pirate versions of both the 360 and PS3 copies are now available

    I called and spoke to EA PR team directly, they stand by the countdown NOT being related to the release date, but wouldn't tell me exactly what it was. Sneaky devils!

      Why would EA have anything to do with it, they're handling the retail distribution, Valve is handling the Steam distribution. As far as they're concerned, the countdown has nothing to do with their (EA's) release of Portal 2.

    Latest news is that preloaded copies are currently getting an update on Steam (I'm not at home so I can't verify this myself).

    I'm beginning to think that it probably won't be the full game but maybe some kind of playable prologue.

    That would still be cool!

    They've been working on Episode 3/HL3 in secret for the last couple of years and they're going to release it.....In all seriousness though, hope it is indeed an early release.

    If this is the countdown I won't make it!! :(
    Weekend planned already damnit!!!
    They can't do this to me!

    I hope it is the release time... They did start the pre-loading quite early. Most Steam games they only make available a day or two before release.

      Yeah but that could have been due to generalvolume

      Took 4 hours before steam stopped telling me that it couldn't handle anymore portal 2 preloading

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