Is This A Wii 2 (Project Cafe) Prototype? Or Yet Another Photoshop?

And if it is a Photoshop, it's starting to seem like the phonies are copying images that could very well be phony. Fantasy feeding fantasy! [Thanks everyone who sent this in!]


    No way...

    one must question the fact that the light on this thing is clearly on though it is unconnected to anything

    It's a fake

    This picture is about as real as 'man-made' Climate Change.

      No, I don't think so. I think this is a fake.

    Looks phony.
    Looks plastic and cheap, defiantly not the standard of design I have come to expect from Nintendo.
    Also it looks way too small to hold all that apparently powerful hardware that's going into it.

    looks fake and gay :P i wouldn't buy it

    I honestly thought this cldve been real... Until i saw it has power n no power plug... Cld b on the blindside i spose

    Too ugly to be legit.

    Thats not a Wiiii ts the 2001 A Space Odyssey monolith.

    Could just be a dev box. I hear 1st gen dev boxes generally do not look like the actual console?

    Reflection on table looks fake.
    It looks like it's been shopped from half a dev kit, and funny enough the shape looks like
    that of a Windows 7 box ;).

    Either that or it is just a dev kit

    Be interesting to see (if it was real) how exactly this would be backwards compatible with the Wii what with the disc slot, at least I'm assuming that is a disc slot on the front, being about the size of a GameCube disc

    It looks cheap and nasty, going by the Wii and the 3DS I'd expect it to be glossy and fingerprinty. Faaaaake.

    This looks like an external hard-drive which has just had "Nintendo" photoshopped onto it. Fake as Pamela Anderson's appendages.

    There is NO WAY that thing is more powerful than a 360 and ps3, look how fucking small it is.

      Modern smartphones are pushing 2.0GHz dual core processors now. In tiny bodies that also have to fit in screens, battery, and peripherals.

      This is about comparable to my desktop PC from only several years ago. It's staggering to consider how compact everything is becoming. Especially with a console that can cut corners by simply being a 'box'

        While that is true, they are not pushing 3 GHz+ tri/8-core processors.

        And my desktop PC is still the same size but parts inside have gotten bigger with an increase in power.

    OMG!! You found my lunchbox

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