Is This Game Ripping Off Final Fantasy?

Is This Game Ripping Off Final Fantasy?

Pandora’s Tower, an upcoming Nintendo-published role-playing game, looks great. It also looks a lot like Final Fantasy.

Japanese netizens are quick to point out that images on the box art for Pandora’s Tower look incredibly similar to character art for Square Enix’s most recent role-playing games, Final Fantasy Versus XIII and Final Fantasy XIII.

Pandora’s Tower, which was revealed earlier this year, is being developed by Ganbarion for Nintendo.

The image of the hero in Pandora’s Tower looks very similar to Final Fantasy Versus XIII protagonist Noctis. Eagle eyes have pointed out similarities, going as far to even overlay the Elza image on top of the corresponding Noctics art.

What’s more, netizens also noted that the image of the heroine looks incredibly similar to that of Final Fantasy XIII’s Lightning, once again even overlaying the images to see how they match up.

Final Fantasy versus, indeed.

Pandora’s Tower will be out in Japan on May 26.

『パンドラの塔』パッケージアートにトレース疑惑浮上?あまりにも似すぎててヤバイ! [へちま速報@ゲーハー板]






  • You could place the same pics and highlight the bits that aren’t similar and say how they’re different instead. Let’s face it; All that artstyle game genre have similar looks. How many different ways do you think they can release the same thing? 😛

  • I’ll grant you the cover art is suspiciously very similar, but that’s about the only depiction of Ende that makes him look like a carbon copy. Put in-game Ende side by side with Noctis and he stops looking like a Noctis clone.

    His hair looks similar, save for a few differing features; But notice the faces themselves are different than what the coverart depicts. Ende has softer features.

    Same with Lightning and Ceres. The cover art is about the only offender here. They’re about as similar as Inuyasha and Yoko Kurama are to eachother. If you try hard enough you can get a number anime characters and make it seem as if they’re carbon copies of eachother.

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