Is This Metal Gear Solid Or Lemmings?

It's not Call of Duty multiplayer. Master filmmaker Freddie Wong has taken dead aim at the guilty pleasures and accepted norms of many video games. Here he goes after Metal Gear Solid, and the urge everyone has to endlessly replay this fish-in-a-barrel killfest.

Want a good laugh? Read through the predictably dumbassed YouTube comments. It's a Call of Duty vs. Metal Gear Solid flame war.

[thanks lilmp89]


    It could be me having only played MGS 1 and 2 (I no longer own a PS2 and will never buy a PS3) but other than the alarm going off and that being that, I don't recall masses of guards walking into turkey shoots in MGS...

      I'm pretty hazy about MGS 1 but i remember doing pretty much this in MGS 2

    I love youtube comments more than the videos.
    If I'm ever doubting myself and my worth as a human being I just pop on and have a read of some popular video threads.
    Sure enough , I always have a renewed sense of worth after a few lines.

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