Is This The First Persona 4 Anime Teaser?

A viral video, asking the question "Do you know mayonaka TV?", is going all, well, viral. The clip is apparently a teaser for an upcoming anime based on forthcoming role-playing game Persona 4.

"Mayonaka terebi" is "midnight TV", but in the game series, it's a fictional television broadcaster.

The clip shows Tokyo's JR Yamanote Line and asks if viewers know "mayonaka terebi". There is a countdown site for that ends in around seven hours. However, if the site is viewed on Japan's Docomo mobile phone network, it clearly says PERSONA4アニメーション or "Persona 4 animation".

[via @puro1 via AniMelt]


    Well, I've just wet myself in anticipation. Persona 4 is my favourite game of all time and I've always thought it could be an excellent anime.

    I would care so much more if it was a teaser for Persona 5.

    Atlus are clearly taking the opposite approach to Bioware to milking their best franchises. Wait until stuff is forgotten. THEN release the next game.

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