It’s A Royal Wedding Game (With Zombies In It)

It’s A Royal Wedding Game (With Zombies In It)

A real game based on the Royal Wedding would be boring as all hell. You’d be managing sliders based on protocol and a receding hairline. A game based on the Royal Wedding when it’s under attack by zombies, now that’s more like it.

Class 3 Outbreak is a simple web game that lets people model the effect a horde of zombies would have on the civilian population of a real-world location (it uses Google Maps data). To commemorate the upcoming Royal nuptials, the game has added a “Wills & Kate” map, complete with wedding march and Westminster Abbey.

While you can’t control the humans or zombies directly, you can “manage” the game via a series of settings, so if you’d save the day or see the future King of England consumed by the undead, it’s got you covered either way.

Royal Wedding [Class 3 Outbreak, via Tecca, -Thanks Mike!]


    • Thank you for speaking for all of us, as it is obvious that we would all agree with you. I personally welcome our new zombie overlords.

  • strikes me as oddly ironic since at lunch today i had a discussion about what would have to happen to get me to watch the royal wedding and it basically boiled down to the entire place being zombified and then have the queen rock out with a shotgun

  • lol’s, I want too see one of these for the Olympics. additionally, I want to see myself in this, see how far I can last as a zombie before I get slaughtered.

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