It’s Frightening How Persistent A Child Predator Can Be

It’s Frightening How Persistent A Child Predator Can Be

In December of 2010, 18-year-old Alex Trowell of Idaho was on his way to visit his 12-year-old World of Warcraft girlfriend in New Mexico. Alerted by the girl’s mother, New Mexico police called Trowell and had him turn his car around.

Last week, Police in Nampa, Idaho arrested Trowell after discovering the girl with him in his parents’ home.

According to the US Attorney’s Office in Boise, Idaho, Trowell first met his victim in September of 2010 while playing Blizzard’s popular online role-playing game World of Warcraft. Trowell and the girl, then only 11 years old, began communicating via phone and text messaging. Eventually those text messages became sexual.

The girl and Trowell planned to meet in Albuquerque, New Mexico, in December, shortly after her 12th birthday. The girl’s mother contacted New Mexico police. The police contacted Trowell, and he turned around and drove back home without incident.

This is the point at which a daughter of mine would be forbidden from using any sort of communication device whatsoever. No phone. No internet. Nothing. That’s not what happened here.

Trowell and the girl allegedly continued to plan a meeting, only this time the girl would come to Trowell. According to reports, the man purchased a plane ticket for the girl in early April. Authorities say the plan was for the girl to live in an abandoned house next to Trowell, who suggested she leave a suicide note behind so no one would look for her when she was gone.

The girl arrived at the airport in Boise, Idaho, on April 20. During an overnight stay at Trowell’s parents’ home the two allegedly engaged in light kissing and fondling. On April 21, Trowell was arrested.

The quick response was due in part to the Nampa Police Department-developed Child Abduction Response Team (CART) plan.

Said police chief Bill Augsburger (via the Idaho-Press Tribune), “When the Nampa Police Department received information on the severity of this case and the risk to the victim, we activated our CART team and within a very short time of that team activation, we had the child safely away from the suspect in this case. We consider this a big victory and reinforcement that teams such as CART are needed to help rescue and protect kids.”

It’s a triumph for law enforcement, but a child still spent the night with an alleged predator. A predator that had been warned away from her months earlier. He had a warning. The New Mexico Police essentially gave him a chance to stop, and he didn’t.

At this point I’m just about done with warning parents to watch what their children are doing on the internet. If you have children, lock them in a box until they are 18.

Idaho teen accused of luring NM minor with video game [KOB Eyewitness News 4]


  • It’s not a triumph for law enforcement.

    They used a half measure, with someone who was clearly a predator.

    they should have let him arrive an locked him up months ago.

    What if he’d moved off this girl to another one. and actually done something bad.

    The story would now be playing out that cops let pedophile off

  • i dont want to sound like “that guy” but the age difference there was only 6 years at the time which when you think about it, thats a year 7 Student going out with a year 12 student which happens all the time in high school.
    Unless the guy was already a convicted sex offender i see this as a case of a parent who didnt like their daughter’s boyfriend

    Now before you all go off at me, during my school years one year 10 student in 97 was arrested for trying to rape 2 six old girls from the primary school next door. he was high the whole time and in 99 one of the girls in my year was actually dating a 44 year old man. her parents actually knew the guy and allow it, and they are still together today, he is 50 odd and she is turning 30. hows that for crazy

    • You don’t seem to understand the significant physical and mental changes that humans go through from adolescence to adulthood, do you?

      Only 6 years?

      She was 12 years old.
      He was 18.

      Don’t even try to play the severity of this crime down.

      Also, generally in high school, if a Year 12 student dates a Year 7 student, it’s seen as highly immoral. Also, if they are having sex, somebody should seriously be calling the police.

      Just because something is common, doesn’t make it alright.

      And to go further on that point, even if you are aware of a even worse story (such as a year 10 girl dating a 44 year old man), that also doesn’t make this case alright.

  • I don’t see why its THAT big of a deal. Yeah its wrong, and shouldn’t have happened, but as the above commenter stated the age difference wasn’t that great, and they were only ‘kissing and light fondling”. Not what I’d call a child credator, specially when the predator is barely considered a adult himself.

    Don’t take that the wrong way, I don’t agree with it in anyway, I’m just saying that it seems to have been blown out of the water a bit

    • Age difference isn’t great? 6 years isn’t that big a deal between a 76 and 70 year old but it’s HUGE between an 18 and 12, especially when the difference alone is 50% of the age of one of the couple.

      The 12-18 adolescent period is the one with the greatest development in maturity, responsibility and such. This girl is a child and this ‘boy’ is a man, that’s all there is to it. He met her to have underage sex. No point sugar-coating or saying “I don’t agree, BUT-“

  • Here’s the thing, if the relationship is real why can’t he wait till she’s legal?

    What can I say other than why give kids Mobile phones? Why don’t you monitor their net use, especially after you caught this guy trying once.

    As for the no bid deal it’s only six years… she’s a child at 12 and she hasn’t gone through the brain altering experiance of puberty.

    If she was 15 and him 21, I think it would be a different story.

  • Heres an idea for all you half-wit motherfuckers that think an 11 year old girl has the mentality to enter into a “loving” (used loosely) relationship with an 18 year old man: Fuck yourself.

    You haven’t found your ass with both your hands at 18, let alone 11. What the fuck makes you idiots think its love. You don’t discover what love is until well into your 20’s and many relationships…if you’re lucky, and intelligent. Unfortunately, most of you mortals are not. Anyone who thinks otherwise is an idiot. An 11 year old girl doesn’t know what love is, what a sexually committed relationship is, or anything of the like. May you die of Ebola if you think “it’s love.”

    I hope youre children get raped by 50 year old World of Warcraft virgins living in their parent’s basements if you believe, “it’s love.” Fuck off and die.

    • True – discussing how small the age difference is should not come into play when the girl is only 11.
      That is the same age as sone kids in primary school or even 1 year out of primary school. It is massively fucked up. If they were both of age and the age difference was only 6 or 7 years, then this would not be a story.

    • +1

      I’m just going to hopefully assume the idiots making the “age difference” comparison are all just trolling here…

  • This seems to be one of those cases where absolutely everybody involved was wrong; The perpetrator was wrong for trying to have a relationship with an 11/12 year old girl, the mother was wrong for not supervising her kid online, the police were wrong for issuing an impotent warning to what was already a known predator instead of arresting him. The one thing nobody has mentioned was the kid. The kid actually listened to every word the guy said, invited him to her house and then, even after being forbidden to see him, actually found her way to the airport and boarded a plane to go straight to his house and live in an abandoned lot next door to his parents house! Nobody did anything smart and things barely avoided going wrong enough to scar a dumb child for the rest of her life.
    Also, 18/2+7=16, stop excusing the guy.

  • I find most 18 year old males to be fairly dim witted, I’m sure a 12 year old girl is more capable of making decisions than an 18 year old male gamer.

    She did choose to meet with him even after he got turned around.

    The story has no mention of sex. Not everyone has sex immediately when they enter a relationship, that’s just a fact usually insinuated by people who want to develop hype in these sorts of stories. There’s also no mention of love and the whole ‘we can’t live without him’ sort of hysteria, either.

    I know what it’s like in that neck of the American woods, anything to break up the tedium or release from your parents clutches (in the girl’s case) is worth the risk I suppose. The dude will probably get in trouble, especially IF they had sex… which seeing as though it was his parent’s house, they probably had some dinner and then played WoW together.

  • Lock them in a box? How about just be better parents? Set up boundaries and all that. This is why kids do this, to get back at their parents who have locked them up.

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