It’s Time For Chrono Trigger To Become A PSone Classic

It’s Time For Chrono Trigger To Become A PSone Classic

Looks like the enhanced PlayStation port of Square Enix’s seminal role-playing game Chrono Trigger is bound for the PlayStation 3 and PSP. The ESRB has just rated Chrono Trigger for those platforms, so expect the update of that JRPG favourite to show up at a PSone Classic on a PlayStation Store near you soon.


  • Given past records, I’m expecting this to sell about five million copies, followed by Wada complaining about how poor the sales were and claiming that nobody cares about the Chrono series.

    Although, if we’re getting CT, how about CC?

  • Well this is a SNES game for starters, so they already fail on that part. Not to mention they already re-released the game on the DS a few years back. Cmon square, give some much needed love to some of the other series you are forgetting. The Mana series got a re-release of #1 for the ipod but cmon, give it an ipad full screen bump. Or better yet, how about you release Mana 2 outside of japan? Oh and Legend of Mana… why hasn’t australia gotten that on the PSN?

    They just want to keep beating the horse that is the FF series. They won’t move on until people stop buying the stupid games too.

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