It’s Time For Some Zelda And Pokémon Burlesque

It’s Time For Some Zelda And Pokémon Burlesque

The crew from Cosplay Burlesque performed over the weekend during the Anime Boton festivities, meaning a few thousand people got to see characters from Zelda (Sheik), Pokémon (Nurse Joy) and No More Heroes get their kit off.

Being burlesque performers and not strippers, this is less about being slutty as it is about being sexy. Or, as sexy as you can get dressed up as characters from video games.

Which, for a lot of people, is probably sexy as hell.

Reader Mr Khon was in attendance and kindly shot these videos for the world to see. Just, make sure you’re not at the office. This might be burlesque, but it’s still women taking their clothes off to music.


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