Japan's Biggest Amateur Pin-Up Brings This Adult Game To Life

Ushijima Ii Niku (Ushijima "Good Meat") is Japan's biggest amateur pin-up. And this (northern) summer, she's coming to a theatre near you.

That is, if you live near Akihabara.

Upcoming adult computer game Djibril The Angel Of The Warring States is getting a "live action" incarnation, starring Ushijima.

Early photos of the movie look similar to the flicks Ushijima's released in the past, in which she dons a variety of costumes and mugs for the camera in a variety of suggestive poses. While the game is rated 18 and up, don't expect the movie to be explicit or pornographic.

The movie tentatively has a (northern) "summer" theatrical release with tickets going for ¥1500. If you buy a ticket in advance, you have a chance at getting a limited edition filmstrip. Now, this isn't "stripping", but a few frames of the film. Other movies, like Neon Genesis Evangelion 1.0, have given similar momentos in the past.

Djibril The Devil Angel is a long running series of adult video games that debuted in 2004 and even spun off into an original video anime. The latest entry will be out in stores this July.

【映画出演告知】18禁ゲーム原作「魔界天使ジブリール The Movie」 [うしじまのブログ]


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