Japan’s Earthquake May Result In NGP Delay

Japan’s Earthquake May Result In NGP Delay

Japan’s Earthquake May Result In NGP DelaySony had already suggested that their next handheld device, the NGP, might only launch in one territory this year but, according to Jack Tretton, the Japanese earthquake and the delays that resulted from it may be “the straw that says ‘maybe we get to just one market by the end of the year.'”

Apparently, as a result of the earthquake, many production processes were delayed, making all the more likely we won’t see the NGP in Australia until early 2012.

At this stage it’s impossible to say for sure which region is being prioritised although, considering the PSP’s past success and its love of handheld gaming, we would probably suggest that region would be Japan. Whichever region is chosen, Australia and Europe are most likely at the bottom of that list.

More news as we get it.

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  • I suppose after an earthquake, tsunami and a few nuclear meltdowns I will let then slide a little of their release date. However I expect some acknowledgment of my monumental efforts in not buying a 3DS and waiting for their NGP.

  • Impossible to say? I would bet my life on the first territory being Japan. It’s the only territory in the world that still has good PSP sales.

    • That could be one of the reason for it to not be the first market, Sony would be assuming that they will have similar success in the Japan market over time.

      The 3DS has slowed in Japan at the moment, but I’m not sure if that’s just a combination of stock shortages or the potential buying ability of many of it’s citizens because of the disaster. They will be rebuilding for the next +12 months and arguably you can understand if new shiny game hardware isn’t on the top of everyones lists for sometime.

      They need the machine to be successful in other markets, particularly America and if the launch games suit (some form of COD, Uncharted, Madden, etc) then the US certainly have a big shot at being that market.

      AU will be at the back end once again, and already anticipate us being something like 9 months behind like the original PSP launch, something I don’t have a problem with as it would send me broke this year, deep into 2012 is fine by me!

  • If there was ever a good reason for a delayed release date what happened in Japan is it.

    So yeah no protesting from me.
    More time to save the penies anyway. 🙂

  • I expected to see the NGP in Australia this year. However, all respect to what has happened in Japan, will be really annoyed if it doesnt get here this year!

    I want Uncharted and Killzone, COD and Wipeout on that shiny new handheld console – and I wanted it yesterday!!! ;-( I guess that as someone else said, It gives everyone a chance to save more cahsola – but still!!!

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