Johnny Cage Fights Dirty In New Mortal Kombat Clip

Mortal Kombat's most self-centred kombatant is the star of our latest look at the series' bloody revival. Watch as Johnny Cage lights up the screen in "Fight Dirty" his follow-up to "Ninja Mime". Not only is it a chance to see Johnny be smarmy, there's also a delightfully painful testicular readjustment on Stryker.

Mortal Kombat comes to the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 on April 19. Bring extra sunglasses.


    Woo! Can't wait for this to come out in Australia.. Oh wait..

    I want this game so badlyyyyyy!

    Dirtiest fighting technique ever is to scream "For the Children" for over a decade, while hoping adults who want to play these games go away so they don't have to introduce an R18+ rating.

    I can't stop watching these MK videos for some reason.

    Too bad we'll never get it, HURHUR.

    So where's everyone ordering from? don't ship games to Australia.

      @ Reign:

      Approx $50 AUS delivered

      They've got the Kollector's edition which I feel will be more likely to sneak past customs because it's not shaped like a game.

    Why oh why do you insist on showing us what we can never have...

      @Vinh Nguyen
      Sif I'm gonna let a bunch of lazy parents make me miss out on this game!

    It's kind of cruel to post this on the Australian Kotaku.

    This game is gonna be so awesome...wait nevermind.

    If worst comes to worst, just get it off ebay. I'm thinking about getting the MK sticks off there.

    To be totally honest the game looks kinda boring to me. The background level design and character designs seem kinda dull and uninteresting.

    Everyone I know who wants it keep going on about the fatalities but is that all its about now? =/

    I dunno - WB could be onto something here - having the game get banned, resubmitted with no edits and banhammered again has given it fantastic publicity and there'll probably be people who were on the fence as to whether they were going to pick it up or not all of the sudden purchasing a copy from overseas "just to stick it to the man"

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