Jurassic Park: The Game Delayed, Full Refunds Served As Apology

Telltale Games' take on Jurassic Park was supposed to hit in April, bringing prehistoric episodic fun to gamers. But the company behind Jurassic Park: The Game now expects the title to hit this spring, according to an email sent to those who pre-ordered the game.

Telltale CEO Dan Connors explains the delay in an email to customers, which has been forwarded to us by Kotaku readers.

"The game's mechanics and storytelling have come together in such a way that we see great potential, so much so that we feel we can push these elements to the next level if we spend some extra time working on them," Connors writes. "It is because of this that we are delaying Jurassic Park: The Game on PC to ensure PC players get the best possible gaming experience."

Connors explains that Jurassic Park: The Game "will be released simultaneously on every platform this (northern) fall."

He also adds that fans who pre-ordered the game will be issue a "100% refund" for their purchase and will receive a free Telltale game of their choice.

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    Does that mean if we had it pre-ordered we'll have to pre-order again? Still nice to know they're taking extra time to put in some more effort. I hadn't even noticed it was supposed to be coming out

    I really hope they update their character animations

    From what Telltale has stated on their blog post, people who pre-ordered the game through Telltale's website will get a 100% refund, plus a voucher which can be used to get a fre copy of any Telltale game (confirmed in one comment reply to mean 'full season' as opposed to 'one episode). Telltale has also indicated that this voucher will not decay over time, and you can save it until Jurassic Park is released, then use it to gain access to the full game.

    In short, people who pre-ordered effectively have the opportunity to get the Jurassic Park game free, if they save the coupon and wait until it is released.

    I bet this is directly because all the feedback from blogs have been saying the game looks terrible and that's why they are quickly delaying it to work on it some more. Even to me who loves telltale and the idea of a jurassic park game thought the footage looked dodgy.

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